We offer dental hygiene services to help you enjoy good oral health, enhance the aesthetics of your smile and prevent oral health diseases. Professional hygiene treatments achieve a much deeper clean than brushing at home and your teeth will feel smooth and look glossy and healthy.

Hygiene Treatments

Hygiene treatments help to keep the teeth functioning well, healthy and looking good. Poor oral hygiene contributes to stained, discoloured and brittle teeth and an increased risk of gum disease and decay.

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One of the most effective hygiene treatments is a scale and polish. This treatment involves scaling the teeth to remove plaque and tartar and polishing them to produce a healthy, shiny finish. This will remove bacteria from all areas of the mouth and give you a fresh, clean feeling, which is not possible with brushing alone. Scaling and polishing can also help to remove surface stains, making the teeth look whiter and brighter.

Oral Hygiene At Home

In addition to hygiene treatments, our friendly team also provide information about at-home oral hygiene, healthy eating and how to keep dental health diseases at bay. Good oral hygiene is essential to reduce the risk of problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. It should include brushing teeth twice a day, in addition to the use of mouthwash and flossing. Avoid food and drink high in sugar or acid, as these foods cause bacteria and the production of plaque acids in the mouth, which attack enamel and leave the teeth susceptible to decay and erosion. Regular dental visits are another important part of the care regime.

Why Is Dental Hygiene So Important?

Dental hygiene is important for a number of reasons, not least because research consistently shows that poor oral health contributes to an increased risk of serious medical conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. It also causes teeth to become stained, increases the risk of damage and impact on the aesthetics of the smile. If you are not happy with the way your teeth look you may feel inhibited around others, and this may affect the way people perceive you. A healthy, attractive smile will help you to feel confident and enable you to show your true personality.
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